To October CMS plugin development by Kurt Jensen.

I chose October CMS for it's modern efficient interface and easy configuration.
I have developed my plugins to accomplish my sites goals and now I want to share them with the October community.

About me

Kurt Jensen

Firefighter / PHP Developer

I am a professional firefighter/EMT in beatiful Bellingham Washington USA. I am also a self taught PHP developer and open source advocate. My work with October CMS started in October 2014. My International Association of Fire Fighters union uses October CMS to coordinate communication and events using the plugins I created to build community inside our site.

Good communication can create power within small groups who want to make a difference in their profession or community. It is my hope that, through development of unique and powerful plugins, October CMS can become the standard framework for small community websites ranging from unions to community advocacy groups.

When I began using Linux as my primary OS back in 2002, I found out what communities of well organized programers can do together. Now I have three laptops and three desktops in my home using nothing but Linux Mint OS.

"What could you accomplish if your group had better communication?"

October CMS Plugins

My Calendar

Super simple calendar for displaying user created events on the front-end.

Private Files

Share downloads only with the users you want.


Send SMS messages to user cellphones.


Stores cell phone information for front end users and allow other users to message them.


Add social information to your users and provide a directory where they can download v-cards into there own contact software.

Mailgun List Subscriber

Give users the ability to subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Mailgun mailing list.

User Select

Select multiple users by predefined group, individual, or role to prepare for processing tasks.

Blog Protect

Restrict your blog posts to only the viewers you want.

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